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Important things to consider when arranging for delivery in a residence (CROUS, private, etc.)

Student residences, be it public like the CROUS or private, sometimes do not offer easy access  for external people (no doorbell for example). This means that the parcel-delivery company might not be able to deliver straight to your door. They could notify you by phone when they are downstairs so that you open the front entry doors or ask you to come and collect your parcels at the building entrance. If you arranged for home delivery, make sure to check your phone and emails when expecting a parcel.

You can also check if your residence offers a parcel reception service. Some residences have a post room, an accommodation office or a building concierge. Be sure to contact your residence’s manager to check if such service exists, and if it does, to ask what delivery address you must use. Once the order has been placed, do not forget to inform the team responsible for managing the reception of parcels at your residence that they should expect parcels on your behalf, along with giving them all the useful details such as the date. You don’t want them to not accept your packs, as the parcels would be sent back to the parcel-delivery company.

Explore your options before placing your order. If the residence offers a parcel reception service, the best is to have your packs delivered the day before your move-in.

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