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How do I make a complaint?

We appreciate customers who let us know when things aren’t right. Give us a chance and we will make things right!. First of all, we’re sorry you didn’t get the service you’d expect from MondoPal. If you have a complaint, the best way is to contact us

What happens after I make a complaint?

Once we have received your complaint, we will:. Email you that we got your complaint;. Ask for any extra information, if we need it;. Investigate your case and your concerns, referring to the Terms of service and Terms of sale;. Email you to explain

What is phishing?

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but criminals pretending to be MondoPal staff in order to harvest your account details is unacceptable. Thankfully, this is very rare, and in the case it does occur our community is quick to identif

How to protect yourself against phishing?

Here are the most important things to remember:. MondoPal staff - even those in Support - will never ask for your card PIN, your bank details, or any passwords. Never share this information with anyone. If someone claiming to be from MondoPal asks fo

We protect you against phishing

Our team is dedicated to keeping your account and yourself safe from phishing attacks. We are working hard to maintain a secure environment. We are using the most advanced technology solutions in the security field, and always run the most up to date